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What is the Turn Around? Can I Put A Message on My Cake?

You have questions and we have answers! Before you submit your request or send us an email please read our Frequently Asked Questions.

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We want to give you the best possible experience with our company, Many questions and concerns are answered below!

Location and Hours

Our new location at this time is in the La Victoria Healing Kitchen. A map with instructions is available on the homepage.

Pick up is Wednesday-Sunday, 1pm-5pm, No Exceptions.

We DO NOT hold cakes overnight for any reason. Any orders not picked up for any reason will be donated to charitable causes without a refund.

If you cannot pickup your order please notify us 24hrs in advance so we may work with you to make other arrangements.

What is the Lead Time for Spring Fling? What about other cakes? Do you have anything I can pickup same day?

We need 24 hours for Spring Fling. We close confirmations at 6pm daily. Any request received after 6pm will be considered for the following day.

Spring Fling cupcakes and cakes are NOT available for same day pickup AT THIS TIME. A request must be confirmed and paid by 11am that morning for fulfillment that same afternoon. *Please note, during holiday weekends and high production season weekends (April-July), we may not be able to accept same day orders due to high demand.

Order requests for whole cakes including, cheesecakes, will be scheduled for the secondary pickup date if the primary pickup date is unavailable or doesn’t meet the required 2 day notice.

We need 2 days notice for all flavors of 1/2 sheet cakes, cheesecakes and any 9″ round or 6″ round that is not Spring Fling, including cupcakes.

I want to pickup my cake the day before my event, is it still fresh?

We always recommend that you pick up the same day you plan to serve, especially for cakes with cut fruit on top. Chocolate cakes tend to be the most “storable” of cakes.

The moment that you cut fruit, it begins to oxidize, glaze helps us to mitigate the process by giving the fruit something to “metabolize” but this is a temporary solution to a continuous problem. Storing a cake overnight may result in loss of fruit or cake quality.

If you are wanting to try and extend the life of a cake, please let us know and we can wrap the top of the cake in film in an effort to maintain the appearance of fresh fruit, or we can decorate as much as we can with uncut fruit, however, we do not offer refunds, or guarantee freshness for cakes that are kept overnight against our recommendation of serving the same day you pick up.

Due to storage limitations at this time, we do not store fruit (especially berries) in bulk. All fruit is purchased the same day it is cut and on your cake.

Finally, all cakes should be refrigerated between 38°-41°. Any leftovers that are at room temperature and above should be discarded after 3-4 hours.

How do I pay?

We will invoice you. We do not accept PayPal or Venmo for orders made through the website. Please pay through the invoice.

We do not confirm orders without at least a 50% deposit.

We invoice for the full amount of the order, it’s your choice to pay 50% or the full amount.

We want to be able to bake off your order with confidence, so a 50% deposit two days in advance is required for all flavored cakes and 1/2 sheets.

A copy of our Terms of Sale is available here or by request.

My event is scheduled for a specific day, why do I need a to select a Second Choice for Pickup?

In most cases we are able to give people their first choice for pickup, so it’s not usually an issue, however, selecting two valid pickup dates gives us the opportunity to present you with options in the event that the first choice is unavailable for any reason.

Can you write on my cake? If I order the Spring Fling, how much fruit will I lose? Do you use edible wall paper? How many flavors of cupcakes can I get in a dozen?

If you want writing on your cake, we will work with you to help you get the most out of your message, which is why we only write on cakes that are 9″ rounds or larger.

Unfortunately, you will sacrifice some decoration, or fruit, if you want writing, we will of course preserve as much decoration as we can, but all messages have to be legible.

We don’t write on the sides of cakes.

Edible wall paper is a great option for more personalized cakes. You can go to the pastry department of any grocery store and ask if they will print an image for you on edible wall paper. We will be happy to install edible wall paper on your cake as long as it matches the size of cake you ordered.

Cupcakes can be 6 of one flavor or you can get a dozen with one or two flavors. If you’re ordering two flavors please give us two day’s notice to fulfill the order.

I don’t like cream cheese, are there other options? I don’t see any pictures on your website of the different kinds of cake, what will mine look like?

We are always happy to customize orders, however, we need to know what your expectations are. A cheesecake can come with a wide variety of crusts, and decorations; there is no standard, this is also why no two Spring Flings look alike. If you see a cake on the Instagram and you want that same look, or if you are vehemently against chocolate, or cream cheese, tell us so we can work with you to make your cake one you’re happy to have at your event.

We are still compiling our pictures of the many different kinds of cake we offer, however, even once that project is completed and the pictures are published, there will still be variation in decoration. If there’s a specific style you want, please communicate with us.

We DO NOT accept walk-ins at this time. All orders are confirmed and prepaid.

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